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Space Mission

Museum & Market

Experience the Legacy... Own the Dream.

Space Mission Museum & Market presents a rare collection of historic spaceflight technology. The relics of humankind's greatest achievement, our endeavor to journey into the stars.

These tools powered the missions to the great beyond and made possible the legacy of spaceflight history. From the many triumphs and tribulations that led to Apollo 11 landing humans on the Moon, to a reusable rocket launched Tesla with a Starman bound for Mars.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience the legacy, and own the dream.




To provide a space to collaborate in spaceflight artifact preservation, education, and inspiration with all those who share the interest in spaceflight history.





Space Mission Market specializes in NASA Apollo Flight Hardware and Flown NASA Space Shuttle Hardware. In addition, we feature NASA Ground Support Equipment, as well as an interesting assortment from various Space Missions and eras. These relics are very limited in quantity. They are available for serious purchase requests from private collectors or museums, and listed for sale here on our website as well as at our eBay market.


As the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing is fast approaching, spaceflight missions grow farther reaching and ever bold, while we begin to experience a renaissance of international interest in spaceflight endeavors and technology. In light of these events, spaceflight artifacts are increasingly difficult to acquire, so rest assured that they are not only a wise investment for the serious Spaceflight collector but heirlooms that will inspire and be admired by many generations to come. A true treasure trove for cosmic connoisseurs and space enthusiasts alike!

To inquire about selling an artifact through Space Mission Market, please contact us below. 

Collectors interested in buying can both sign up for our mailing list on this site, and 'Like' us on Facebook (linked below), to be notified of upcoming artifact sales. Visit our 'Market Portal' page on this website to see all artifacts currently available for purchase, and follow Rocket-Broker, on eBay USA, to browse the Space Mission Market collection, as listings go live.

Happy spaceflight hardware hunting,...

and may the final bid or best offer, be ever in your favor!



Our space technology historians travel far and wide procuring a stellar variety of spaceflight artifacts from NASA and some of the world's most prominent collections. Many of our featured artifacts are part of private collections that were meticulously stored and cared for by at least one collector who was dedicated to the preservation of the history and technology of the space program. Many decades of their lives were dedicated to this endeavor.

Collaborating with these devoted spaceflight collectors and historians continues to be an interesting and evolving adventure. From the beginning, I learned that vast quantities of spaceflight hardware have continually been destroyed over the past few decades, for various reasons, as the arcane technical history of the early artifacts has grown increasingly nebulous, often vanishing from public access.


With that knowledge, I was presented this unique opportunity to be a curator and broker of these artifacts, and was able to immediately recognize the possibilities and their significance. I knew from the start that I wanted to do more than simply offer my services as an ongoing broker for spaceflight artifacts that would be listed for sale one day, sold to private collections the next, and perhaps, forever lost in history. I wanted to create a lasting experience, to honor the efforts of all those involved with spaceflight technology, from imagination, to creation and ultimately, their preservation.

Primarily, I felt a responsibility to document and archive each of these artifacts to the best of my ability through detailed photography, by gathering all provenance along with technical information from the owners, and by researching any pertinent history available. As we established a rapport through these collaborations, I've been granted access to a private collection of rare, spaceflight artifacts that are not intended for sale.


This access allows us to document these artifacts for the purpose of providing public access via virtual archives on this website. Many collectors, however, must sell certain artifacts for various reasons, including age, or unforeseen circumstances that are unique to each collector. Through our brokering service and virtual museum, these too can be archived for public exhibit, as we assist in finding some a new owner that will care for and protect the legacy of each artifact. 

Over the years, we've been able to compile hundreds of spaceflight hardware archives, as well as collaborate with other spaceflight historians and tech experts in exciting preservation efforts which we will highlight in the future. Examples of these artifacts will be logged onto this website's virtual museum for exhibit, incrementally, as time allows. And to ensure that this project can reach its highest potential, we have placed most of our other passion projects on the back burner.


It continues to be a slow work in progress, due to various factors, such as primary occupations still demanding the lion's share of our time, the logistical challenges involved in preserving, accessing, transporting, exchanging and storing these artifacts between various facilities as needed, the time we feed into archiving and research that's ever insatiable, as well as the required financial investments involved with acquiring these artifacts, maintaining all equipment and facilities from brick to virtual, up to necessary standards and capacity, as we allocate additional funds towards marketing, in hopes of capturing enough hearts and minds to make this all sustainable through our market sales. 

Travel to museums that exhibit spaceflight artifacts is often prohibitive for many, and all the more prohibitive, is access to those artifacts preserved in private collections. That is why I decided to create Space Mission Market & Museum, to make this information easily accessible and free to the public while bringing life to a vision.


This museum is intended to be a platform that can offer all spaceflight hardware collectors a place to exhibit their private collection virtually, either attributed with owner name or anonymously displayed, for all to learn from and appreciate. A space to highlight and showcase the incredible workmanship and unmatched standards that are unique to the technology of the space programs. It will be an interactive forum where all are welcome to learn, share and gather information. To offer an ever evolving, ever expanding experience to create, connect, contribute, and collaborate with the space community as a whole. An experience that may continue to inspire lifelong space tech enthusiasts, and galvanize new interest in the curiosity of the neophytes, and perhaps, even to ignite the passion that will drive the space tech engineers of tomorrow.

It is a costly, challenging and time consuming endeavor, but through our sales at Space Mission Market, we are able to fund our virtual museum project, The 'Space Mission Museum'. Though others have lead the way in preserving and documenting this history for public education, we aspire to help carry on the torch with a visually enhanced format for all to enjoy. As we connect through this forum, we invite you all to propose new ways for this space to benefit the whole community.

To all of our loyal Space Mission Market patrons, thank you for upholding this vision. 

We appreciate your support to the Moon and beyond!


To all new and returning visitors, we hope you will enjoy your time here. 


Welcome to Space Mission Market & Museum!

- Diana Morton (rocket-broker)


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